These are the services of FranchiseKollegiet:

FranchiseKollegiet is a Swedish network of franchise consultants.
We offer a full range of services in marketing research and franchise development.

All our consultations are based on experiences from former commissions and
management positions in a wide range of franchise organisations.

Example of what we do:

  • Evaluate the potential of your franchise concept in Scandinavia. Make financial analysis and forecasts for franchisee and franchisor, assist in finding finance for expansion.

  • Start-up of franchise organisations. Assist in finding Master Franchisee and employees for expansion.
    Assist as operational staff in early stages of operation. Recruitment of franchisees.

  • Create and translate handbooks, training programs, franchise agreements and adopt them to Scandinavian realities.

  • Export of franchise concepts in a systematic and professional way

Contact us for advise:
Phn: +46-8-646 00 00
Cell: +46-707-13 35 80
E-mail: tombruno@telia.com